Victorian State Interschools Equestrian Trials at Werribee

28th Apr 2016

Equestrian Captains’ Report

Victorian State Interschools held at Werribee National Equestrian Centre is always a big week for the members of the equestrian team who are competing. With many different disciplines and heights, the event caters for our littlest riders right through to our older riders.

We had seven Tintern Equestrian Team members competing. There was a great sense of team spirit and everyone performed exceptionally, but the greatest achievement for the week at Werribee was 7-year old Odette McCallum who became the 35cm Combined Training State champion. Not only was this her first ever event but it was also at State level against very talented young riders. She completed a lovely dressage test and then show jumped a clear round, winning her first ever rug!

This event was a great run up to our Tintern Horse Trials coming up soon. We are all very excited to again compete for our school!

by Madison Jones & Eliza Harvey, Equestrian Captains

Equestrian Co-ordinator’s Update

Congratulations to all Tintern Grammar Equestrian Team Members who rode at the 2016 Equestrian Victoria Interschool State Championships at Werribee during the holidays. Our team members were:

Madi Jones, Eliza Harvey, Millie Harvey, Keeley Thomas, Ella Trevorrow, Lilly Trevorrow, Darcee McCallum and Odette McCallum.

Overall Inter-school State Championship results for our members at this event were as follows:

Odette McCallum 1st 35cm Combined Training Championship
Keeley Thomas 4th Primary Show Hunter Championship

Eliza Harvey

4th Preliminary Dressage Championship
4th 1* Combined Training Championship
6th Novice Dressage Championship

Other results included:

Keeley Thomas

1st Primary Show Horse Led Phase
4th Primary Show Hunter Ridden Phase
Eliza Harvey

2nd 1.3 Preliminary Dressage Test
4th 1.2 Preliminary Dressage Test
2nd overall Preliminary Division Dressage (which went to a ride off)


Further to these impressive results at Werribee, special note must be made of Keeley Thomas and her pony, Rose (pictured) who competed at the Grand Nationals in Sydney during the last week of last term, where Keeley was awarded a top ten out of 30+ entries in her competition.

Keely and Rose

Keely and Rose

The following week Keeley was back up the Hume Highway to Sydney to compete at the Sydney Royal Easter show where Keeley and Rose received two second places, one third and a fourth.

Keeley has qualified for a place on the Victorian Interschools equestrian team over the school holidays at the Victorian Inter-schools Championships representing Tintern Grammar. The nationals are to be held in Sydney at the end of September.

And just this past weekend Eliza Harvey, Madison Jones and Ella Trevorrow competed at the Camperdown CIC Horse Trials. Eliza and Sea Student placed 9th in the 1* class and won the Interschool Class for Tintern. Madi and Graceful Gaga placed 9th in the 80cm class and 4th in the Interschool Class for Tintern. Ella and Woodside Supernova placed 11th in the Interschool Class for Tintern in a very hotly contested section.

We have just received news from Eventing Victoria that Madi and Graceful Gaga are 10th place on the Victorian Eventing Leaderboard 80cm and Eliza and Sea Student (pictured) have secured first place on the Victorian Interschool 1* leaderboard.

The Victorian leaderboard is the pathway to represent Victoria at Sydney Interschool Nationals in September. The 1* class is the highest level and currently is being hotly contested by 4 riders from Tintern Grammar, Bacchus Marsh College, Haileybury College and Eltham College. There are only two more qualifying competitions this year.

Eliza and Sea Student

Eliza and Sea Student

Victoria’s top four Interschool 1* riders were battling to climb up and secure their place on the ladder at our Horse Trials at Wandin Park on 23-24 April and as they headed cross-country over solid and rather scary jumps (more news to come later).