VCE and IB Results

12th Jan 2017

Tintern Grammar would like to congratulate our 2016 Year 12 students on their outstanding results and contribution to the life of the school. We have seen many exceptional academic results from our IB and VCE students. Many of our students have achieved their personal best and as a result are well placed to go on to their first choice of University course. We, along with the students, are looking forward with keen anticipation to the opportunities that will open up to students for their life beyond school.

These results reflect the hard work of our students and the immense staff and parent support provided over the two years of the Diploma. Whilst this one number cannot sum up 13 years of schooling, we encourage students to take the time to celebrate and reflect on their experiences at Tintern Grammar. Tintern is proudly an open entry school and these results are a true reflection of our students’ many talents and abilities.

We wish the graduating students of 2016 every success with the next stage of their lives. As a cohort, this year’s group have generated a very substantial step up in the standard of our external results, with 20.6% of study scores over 40. This is an impressive result at any school and places us well inside the top 50 schools on the “Better Schools” website, accurately reflecting the achievements of a wonderful group of young men and women!

Particular congratulations must go to Maddy Button who was our IB and overall Dux (ATAR of 99.85), and Anna Harvey and Corey Robinson, who were our VCE Duxes (ATAR of 99.5). Considering our genuinely open-entry policy, it is pleasing to see that 53% of our students received an ATAR of 80 or more, placing them in the top 20% of Australian final year students. The class of 2016 were a noticeably hard working group and this significant achievement reflects the work ethic and application that they demonstrated consistently throughout the year.

Success can be measured in many ways, and these results, although well-deserved and very impressive, are just one aspect of what we see as an excellent education at Tintern. The class of 2016’s involvement in a wide range of school activities and service has been admirable and they will leave us as happy, optimistic and resilient lifelong learners.

We would also like to personally thank all of our graduating students for their contribution and service to the school over the past years and wish each and every one of them success as they start to discover the possibilities that are now available to them.



2016 Combined Results (%)

2015 Combined Results (%)

99 and above



95 and above



90 and above



80 and above



% Study Scores
at or above 40



Median ATAR