Music Staff on tour in China

21st Feb 2017

During late December and early January two of our itinerant music staff were part of an orchestral tour to China. Vicki Stanko and Lisa Clarke are members of the Melbourne Opera Orchestra and travelled to China where they performed over 10 days for very appreciative audiences in both small regional centres and in larger cities. The 65 members of the orchestra travelled to Zhoushan, Yancheng, X’ian and Wainan, playing to full houses much of the time and in lovely venues, during what was a highly successful tour. Their repertoire included famous arias by Mozart, Rossini and Puccini, Strauss waltzes and Opera Overtures. A highlight of the tour was performing to a full house at the X’ian Concert Hall, which some of the world’s most famous orchestras visit on a regular basis, and receiving a standing ovation and two encores. What more could you want on New Year’s Eve? The tour included a lot of eating, a little sightseeing and shopping, a trip to the Terracotta Warriors and a walk around the ancient walled city of X’ian. The orchestra has been invited to return to China for what will be their third year of touring performances.

by Mrs Lisa Clarke, Woodwind Teacher and Bands Leader