Alexander Technique Workshop for Tintern’s orchestral members

3rd Mar 2017

On a warm Wednesday afternoon, the Symphony Orchestra along with other invited students participated in an Alexander Technique Workshop run by Michael Loftus-Hills. In the workshop, Michael showed us how to stay energized and alert during rehearsals for bands and orchestras after school, when most students are usually exhausted from their day at school and inter school sports. He also showed us how to develop a good posture when playing our instruments in order for us to play to the best of our ability. Michael showed us various exercises where we learnt about the joints and muscles in our body, such as leaning our heads forward and back, and became more conscious of our balance. Finding the perfect balance where your body is comfortable but also alert for playing is very important in music and will be very handy for our long 90-minute rehearsals after school. Michael also advised us that if we love the music we are playing, the tone and sound quality of our music will be greatly improved, as we could hear the difference after he brought this to our attention. Overall, the workshop was very beneficial for all the students who attended as they can now apply what they learned to their music in order to get the best out of their playing. Thank you to Mr Veldman for organising this workshop for us all.

by Maya Watt, Year 12 Trombone Player