EISM Division 1 Athletics 2017

17th May 2017

Congratulations to all members of our Tintern EISM Athletics Squad who performed extremely well in the Division 1 Carnival held at Lakeside Stadium on Tuesday 2 May.

In our first year back in Division 1 we finished a creditable 4th behind Luther, Aquinas and Huntingtower. There were many outstanding individual performances on the day and every team member contributed in some part toward a successful day. Some 30 students have been invited to the EISM Champions Meet where the best performers across all three EISM divisions compete for the prestige of being the best of the best.


1st  Luther                       

2nd  Aquinas                   

3rd  Huntingtower          

4th  Tintern

5th  Donvale

6th  Plenty Valley

7th  Mt Lilydale

Outstanding Performers:

Paul Haasbroek                

  • 1st U/15 Boys 400m
  • 1st U/15 Boys High Jump
  • 1st U/15 Boys Long Jump
  • 1st U/15 Boys Hurdles
  • 3rd U/15 Boys 100m

Kirsty Clark

  • 1st Open Girls 1500m
  • 1st Open Girls 800m
  • 3rd Open Girls 100m

Lorna Clark

  • 1st Open Girls 400m
  • 2nd Open Girls 200m
  • 2nd Open Girls 1500m
  • 5th Open Girls 800m

Reese Stephens 

  • 3rd U/13 Girls 800m
  • 3rd U/13 Girls 1500m

Tess Power

  • 1st U/15 Girls 400m
  • 2nd U/15 Girls 800m
  • 2nd U/15 Girls 100m B
  • 2nd U/15 Girls 200m B

Annabelle McKenzie

  • 1st Open Girls High Jump

Charlotte O’Callaghan

  • 1st U/15 Girls High Jump

William Smead

  • 1st U/16 Boys Long Jump
  • 3rd U/16 Boys 200m

Adam Pica

  • 1st U/14 Boys Triple Jump
  • 2nd U/14 Boys 200

by Ross Jurey, Head of Sport