Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir take first place at Boroondara Eisteddfod

18th May 2017

On Monday evening, 15 May the Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir competed in the 18 Years and under a cappella section of the Boroondara Eisteddfod. We performed two contrasting pieces: Lineage and Tuxedo Junction. It was amazing to see the transition within the choir members before, during and after the performance. At the beginning we were a little nervous, and anxious about how well we would perform, but once we stepped on stage, emotions turned into concentration as we focused intently on our singing.

The beautiful venue (Hawthorn Arts Centre) provided great acoustics, and the voices of each choir could be heard ringing around the hall. It was an enjoyable experience to hear the other choirs perform as they sang beautifully, and were worthy entrants in the competition. Once the end-of-section announcements started, the judge left the stage at one point to double-check her results, as she was unsure about 2nd and 3rd place. This caused quite a murmur of anticipation within the audience, as we were unsure whether we were in the running for a top three placing. Eventually the second spot was revealed, and we realised that the first place had been awarded to none other than Tintern! Lucy and Lovelyn hurriedly walked up onto the stage with big smiles on their faces as they received the award on behalf of Mrs Bezaire and the choir. The adjudicator, Ms Sadler, complimented the choir on their ‘gorgeous tone across the range, diction so together and the intent so powerful’. It was an amazing night with a big celebration from the entire Chamber Choir. We are very proud of everyone. You were great ambassadors for the school and we hope that this memory will remain in your minds as a highlight of 2017!

by Lovelyn Lim (Choral Captain) & Alison Yang (Instrumental Captain)