Special AFL Guest at After School Care

30th Aug 2017

On Tuesday 15 August After School Care had a special visitor come to teach us all about the world of AFL. His name is Henry Schade and he plays for Collingwood Football Club. 

While Henry was with us he spoke about being a footballer and he confirmed that yes, he does eat vegetables and then after games he can eat jelly beans. Henry showed us how to hold the football correctly in order to handball and kick as the hand positions are different. All the children involved thrived as they learnt to hand ball and practising their skills in a line like footballers do in their practices. When kicking the ball Henry gave advice on where on the foot we should make the ball land as we kick and we all had a go at kicking goals. To end our wonderful night with Henry, he organised a mini game of Footy Tennis, where teams were created and it was about playing as a team and teamwork in order to gain points for your team to win, just like a real football club does on game day.

We thank Henry for coming and sharing these wonderful AFL tips and answering our questions. 

by Kate Woods, After School Care Assistant