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Strategic Plan/Annual Report

Our School Essence

As a thriving school with a history of over 140 years’, planning has always been important to our success.

It’s not easy to encompass all we do as a school within a Strategic Plan and then communicate that succinctly to our community.  Our Strategic aspirations are informed by a five-year plan containing five key strategic pillars embodying our Vision and Mission statements.  This plan contributes to the growth and success of our students, staff, school and community.

Formulating the plan has been the culmination of a great deal of work between the Board, Executive, staff, students and wider community.  At times we need to move agilely within our plan to accommodate new opportunities, however as a school we always maintain clear direction and purpose to achieve our goals.

To inform, support and carry out our Strategic Plan, to keep it a living and purposeful tool devised to achieve set objectives, the Strategic Plan has in addition several “mini operational plans” that generate strategies influencing the development of our school.  These mini plans provide clear set objectives and targets for all areas of the School and are constantly measured to ensure we move forward and accomplish our goals.

Tintern Grammar Mission

Strategic Direction

Below are the key tactical groups that drive the Tintern Grammar’s direction ensuring we attain our strategic objectives.  Each team meets on a regular basis and are enthusiastic, passionate individuals focussed on meeting their key intentions.

  • Innovative Learning
  • Inspiring Culture
  • Thriving Community
  • Responsible Stewardship
  • Empowering Environment

Our Strategic Plan is reviewed annually by the Board to ensure its ongoing relevance and to capitalise on any new opportunities. As a community, we welcome your thoughts and ideas that may allow us to further our strategic goals.

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Strategic Plan 2020

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Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018