Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

We think that Tintern is an amazing school. So do our parents and past students.


I loved my whole secondary schooling at Tintern. The generosity of the teachers’ time and their passion inspired me to follow a teaching career. 

The wide range of co-curricular activities was amazing, especially from the drama and sport departments, and the opportunities at the farm. This fostered interests in so many areas for me.

The Tintern community was such an important part of my life for so long. And I am always welcomed back when I visit or have the opportunity to teach.
By Kate Schie, YG2010

My 6 years at Tintern were incredible, I loved coming to school every day. I made long-lasting friendships, shared fascinating experiences and was motivated to try all the new things that were on offer. One part of Tintern that stood out to me were the fantastic teachers who were willing to go above and beyond to help me and my classmates to achieve our best. Between swimming in waterfalls in Laos to living with a family in Germany for 6 weeks, I certainly loved each opportunity that was offered to me at Tintern. Those 6 years will certainly be ones I never forget.
By Anna Church, YG2014 

“Tintern is a school that allowed me to succeed at anything I wanted to do. It is a place that allows you to explore many subjects, whilst immersed in a tranquil learning environment. My favourite aspect would have definitely been all the co-curricular activities that I could participate in, which provided me with so much delight.  Since leaving Tintern, I have pursued arts and commerce studies at university, and I look forward to pursuing a career in business.”
By Olivia Green, YG2010

 At Tintern I learned that ‘fitting in’ just makes you feel left out, but being yourself is truly empowering and can earn you lifelong friends. My teachers supported me in this and gave me every opportunity to discover who I was. They held me accountable to my best self and wouldn’t settle for less. My goal now is to provide the same high-quality support to the students I teach today. I want them to be confident and creative global citizens with a life that they have reason to value.
By Jemima Capper, YG2010


I have a long association with Tintern, starting in 1982 when I came to Tintern as a Year 7 girl. When it was time for my own daughter to begin her education, I knew Tintern was the place where she would be happy and nurtured. My daughter loved her time from Prep to Year 12 at Tintern. That first day when she started Prep I knew I had made the right decision for her educational journey.  That was not the end of my association though with this great school. I myself worked at Tintern for a short while in Curriculum Support and then worked at Southwood Boys Grammar in their Foundation Year. A few years later our association with Tintern again broadened with my son starting in the ELC and then progressing through. He is still at Tintern in Year 9. Tintern is definitely the right fit for my son. He is not another face in the crowd. He is an individual who is definitely embracing the wonderful opportunities that Tintern has to offer.
By Lucia Oberstar

What distinguishes Tintern from other schools is the immense variety of co-curricular opportunities it offers, catering for the varying abilities, interests and talents of every student.  My daughter, Ashleigh, has thoroughly enjoyed her first year, taking advantage of many of the academic prospects on offer such as Public Speaking competitions, participating in the Da Vinci Decathlon and Tournament of the Minds, Maths quizzes and even Sharemarket Games.  With the vast performing arts possibilities, Ashleigh has had the chance to form a band and enter Tintern’s Battle of the Bands competition, join the Intermediate Choir and Piano Duet Club and perform at various music concerts.

There are opportunities for everyone and I have been very impressed with the level of individualised attention and support that my daughter has been given during these programs, helping her to find and develop her passions.
By Andi Dowling