Junior Schools


As children grow and learn, their ever-increasing sense of enlightenment opens their minds to an unfolding world of opportunity, and Tintern is there to help them through this exhilarating time.

To learn more about our girls’ and boys’ Junior Schools, please watch the videos below.

A Nurturing Environment

When your child starts to explore the world in their junior years, they need to be in an environment where the sky’s the limit – where they are valued and encouraged to reach their potential.

The focus in our Junior Schools is on giving boys and girls their own learning spaces, and the best possible start to their exciting educational adventure.

Look up, reach out and embrace the wonder…it’s all yours.

“The miracle is in the unfolding… so long as you spread your wings, the wind will carry you.”


The Benefits of Parallel Learning

We recognise that boys and girls learn at different rates and in different ways, so during the Junior School years we separate them and provide learning activities tailored to each.

They are reunited in later years where gender interaction is more important.

We call this ‘Parallel Learning’, and although boys and girls are located on the one site, they are educated in age and gender-specific spaces in separate buildings.

This allows us to deliver programs tailored to the unique needs of each group.

As a result, students of both sexes benefit from the best teachers, small class sizes, resources, facilities and curriculum offerings.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Junior Schools have a broad, stimulating curriculum that offers many opportunities for students to develop their talents.

Learning activities are productive, context-based and fun, and we use the highly acclaimed ‘Letterland’ and ‘Spalding’ programs to help develop strong literacy and grammar skills.

The curriculum is also enriched with music, visual arts and drama, as well as library, physical education and social service activities, and the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) program.

We value traditional styles of learning but also embrace the latest technologies, with students using iPad technology from Prep to Year 6 to develop their digital skills and being able to connect to our Learning Management System.

Our Care for Your Child

Because we believe in close communication between school and home, we actively promote open liaison between staff and parents as part of our unique Pastoral Program.

We strongly promote traditional values like good manners, respect for others, self-belief and pride in personal presentation.

Students also have access to leadership and personal development opportunities, like the roles of Class Captains and Junior School Leaders, and are encouraged to participate in fundraising and community awareness projects.

Families are kept up-to-date with their child’s development and activities at the school through parent information sessions, newsletters, student record books, assemblies, our online parent portal and parent-teacher interviews.

Breakfast Club and After School Care

Tintern Grammar understands that many of our families are working families. We provide a Breakfast Club and after school care, as well as a holiday program to students. 

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