Middle Schools


As children start forming their own identities, they begin to challenge themselves and the ideas that surround them, and Tintern provides them with an ideal space in which to question and learn.

To learn more about our girls’ and boys’ Middle School, please watch the videos below.

A Personal Journey

As your child grows and develops, both physically and intellectually, testing their own limits and those of the world around them plays a vital part in shaping their future.

In our Middle Schools we understand the complexities of this time and work to make our students feel safe and supported, with programs that concentrate on personal growth, resilience and self-confidence.

For this age group, we concentrate on addressing individual interests and strengths, by providing programs that not only engage adolescent students but also respond to their development needs by allowing them to explore new areas of interest at this important time of intellectual growth.

Everyone wants to fly at Tintern there’s just no hiding it!


Same Goal, Different Methodologies

At this stage of the ‘Parallel Learning’ environment, our Middle Schools are a crucial yet very different experience for boys and girls.

Research shows that boys who learn to be comfortable with their own identity, actually relate more effectively to girls and women, whilst girls display faster growth in single-sex environments during these Middle School years.

Although the curriculum is common between boys and girls, particularly involving equal homework policies and academic benchmarks, its delivery is tailored for each gender.

Our aim is to build resilience and give all our students confidence in their own values, so that gender stereotypes are not a focus.

“Those who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance.”


Diverse Learning

The curriculum in our Middle Schools is designed for students to be challenged and to expand their knowledge in many areas.

An exceptionally strong core curriculum is set for Year 7, which introduces students to a wide range of subjects, and is continued in Year 8 where students are offered greater choice in their learning by means of electives.

These subjects are built upon in Year 9, through our ‘Challenge’ program that prepares them for the rigours of Senior College.

Challenges like these help to foster independence, and provide further opportunity for our Middle School students to improve in both personal and academic confidence.

Subjects Matter

Whilst the focus in our Middle Schools is still firmly on literacy and numeracy, students are able to experience a range of new subjects, such as Year 7 agriculture, which is taught at our school farm.

In Years 8 and 9, students have an increased opportunity to personalise their course by choosing electives, which include an extensive outdoor education program, and a variety of visual arts, performing arts, home economics, ICT and commerce subjects.

These additional opportunities are designed to help them uncover their passion and signature strengths.

What makes our Middle Schools Unique?

There are many unique and valuable programs and opportunities available in our Middle Schools to help our students thrive, including:

  • Maths Assist Program, where Senior College students mentor Middle School students
  • Numerous leadership opportunities, such as House Captains, Co-curricular Program Leaders
  • Strong pastoral support program
  • Innovative technologies
  • An extensive co-curricular program
  • Specific Middle Schools performing arts activities
  • Our Year 9 Challenge Program

Our Care for Your Child

Our unique and integrated Pastoral Program offers activities that help our students become confident young adults and resilient individuals, capable of making good decisions in today’s complex world.

We also promote traditional values like good manners, respect for others, self-belief and pride in personal presentation.

Pastoral activities are based around self-understanding and self-management, the development of interpersonal skills, problem solving and decision-making, keeping oneself safe and learning how to take a stand.

Families are kept up-to-date with their child’s development through parent information sessions, newsletters, student record books, our online parent portal and parent-teacher interviews.