Senior College


As children stand on the threshold of adulthood their futures are ripe with promise, and the possibilities that lie before them are both exciting and daunting.

It’s a time when Tintern’s Senior College can help every student find the path that helps them best take flight into the next part of their life.

Jumping into the unknown isn’t scary when your wings are strong.

Everyone is an Individual

The final school years are a time for students to make important decisions about individual strengths, interests, study and career options, as they prepare to venture into the adult world.

The Senior College’s many pathways allow each student to choose the one that is best for their future, and we’re proud to be the only outer eastern suburbs school to offer VCE, VCE/VET and the International Baccalaureate.

Students enjoy access to dedicated learning and social spaces, and we focus on teaching them to work together in a considerate and courteous manner, helping them emerge into life beyond school as resilient and confident individuals.

Careers Program

Our careers program is designed to help each student find a work or study area to pursue, and to endow him or her with the necessary skills for managing their own career path.

Students are encouraged to explore their interests, evaluate career options, and to participate in work experience and pathway planning.

Staff members are trained to help them consider plans beyond school, and students have access to a wide range of resources in the Careers Room that can help them in making their decisions.

The Three Pathways


The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is the qualification which most students receive on completion of their secondary education, and provides diverse pathways to further study at university, TAFE or in employment.

We provide an extensive selection of VCE subjects, from which our students are able to create individual learning programs that suit their passions, interests and future career plans.


For a VCE curriculum to be comprehensive, it must cater for all of a student’s needs. In order to achieve this, we also provide an additional VCE pathway via our VCE/VET program.

This allows students to undertake Certificate II and III level courses within their VCE studies and graduate with both a VCE Certificate (including an ATAR score) and a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training qualification.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Think Beyond Traditional Learning

As an alternative to the VCE or VCE/VET programs, students can choose to achieve their ATAR score via the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Ideally suited to motivated, individual thinkers, the IB Diploma encourages individual learning that enables students to fly far and wide, providing them with a standard of education that’s recognised at universities across the globe.

Tintern Grammar’s IB Program (PDF, 3Mb)

To find out more please call us on (+61 3) 9845 7777.

Successful Progressions

Those wishing to extend their education beyond Tintern will be launching themselves from one of Victoria’s most successful schools.

Drawing on recent Victorian State Government, ‘On Track’ data, Melbourne’s major newspapers published a list of schools showing Tintern to be one of the State’s top performers.

We are immensely proud that a large percentage of our graduates go on to a university of their choice, which shows that a Tintern education truly contributes to success in the academic life of all who ‘bring their wings’ to us.