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For 140 years, Tintern has been providing children of all ages with a level of education that lifts them up above the ordinary and helps them soar into a more certain future. We do this by presenting inspiring challenges and endless opportunities that engage each of our students and prepares them for a big life ahead. Since every child’s dream is unique, our school shapes and celebrates true individuals while creating an environment where the possibilities are endless.

In 2017 we are celebrating 140 years of Tintern. Enjoy our video marking this special milestone.


At the heart of Tintern Grammar is our vision to ensure the long-term success of our school and the commitment to our successful Parallel Learning model that enables students to achieve a perfect balance between gender-specific learning and social integration.

Our Early Learning Centre sets the scene for this, with a blend of play-based and structured learning that provides a solid foundation for three and four year-old boys and girls to move into their own learning spaces in our Junior Schools, and experience programs tailored to their distinct learning needs.

This progression arms them with the confidence for undertaking the variety of learning experiences provided by our Boys’ and Girls’ Middle Schools, to discover and develop their signature strengths before the genders are brought together for the co-educational experience of our Senior College.

And most importantly, underpinning this educational vision is our core desire to develop students who are morally grounded and generous of spirit, and better prepared to succeed in their chosen careers.

Parallel Learning

Our unique Parallel Learning educational model provides a blend of separated and mixed-gender schooling, which recognizes that boys and girls learn in different ways and at different rates.

The Tintern schooling adventure begins with mixed classes in our Early Learning Centre, with genders separated through Junior and Middle Schools to provide stimulating and effective learning environments designed to meet the differing learning styles of boys and girls.

Boys and girls are then brought together in the co-educational environment of our Senior College, where they benefit from a greater choice of subjects and tertiary-style facilities and are prepared for the transition into higher education or joining the workforce.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward…”


Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Tintern Grammar. It is an honour to have been appointed as the tenth Principal of this wonderful school. Tintern combines its significant heritage with modern thinking and has lofty aspirations for our young women and men.

Our community spans over 135 years, is genuinely open entry and welcomes both boys and girls onto our co-educational campus. Our environment is vibrant, dynamic and student-centred. We utilise our world-leading Parallel Education model to support the growth of our students through a mixture of single-sex and co-educational classroom experiences.

At Tintern, we nurture and cultivate the capacity and character in each of our students, staff and community members. Our progressive and positive environment encourages and enables all our community members to be the best they can be, as well as to discover their hidden potential.

As Principal, it is a privilege to assist our students to develop their abilities, attributes and character. We want them to achieve their best in their critical academic aspiration and also to ensure they are authentically world ready in every way. As a truly 21st century school, we develop and educate the whole person.

We are justifiably proud of our students’ impressive achievements – not just in academia but in sports, in the performing and visual arts, in their commitment to service to others and in the strength of their relationships with each other, our staff and the broader community.

Our embedded pastoral care program ensures that every student is known, supported and developed as an individual and valued not only for what they achieve, but also for who they are. This care for every individual is a key element of our wonderful school. At Tintern, everybody is celebrated!

We would relish the opportunity to help you discover in person what we can do for your child. Please feel free to contact our Admissions office on (03) 9845 7878 to organise a school tour or to obtain further information.

Bradley Fry

Tintern Grammar


Our commitment to smaller classes, Parallel Learning and a diverse range of pathways has seen Tintern’s students continue to shine right across the board.

In the last two years, our Year 12 and IB students have achieved exceptional academic results for the VCE, VCE/VET and International Baccalaureate, with a 100% pass rate and 99% receiving a first-round university offer.

Such impressive results confirm Tintern Grammar’s ongoing reputation as the leading academic school in the region.

Our results in detail (PDF, 2Mb)

Since 1877

The desire to provide an excellent education for her children prompted Mrs Emma B Cook to start Tintern in 1877, with many local and country families sending their children to the school.

Tintern’s growth saw it become a girls’ school in 1918, and move to the more spacious and modern facilities at its current site in 1953.

The school returned to its founding principle of educating the whole family by establishing the Southwood Boys’ campus in 1999, and an early learning centre for boys and girls in 2011.

With all schools now located at Ringwood East, Tintern is able to provide students with an unequalled range of educational and co-curricular opportunities.

…and Beyond

Our continuing commitment is to develop enquiring minds and enhance personal and professional skills for life, by encouraging students in academic, creative, spiritual and physical development, as well as self-discipline and the acceptance of responsibility.

And all this takes place in an environment that mutually engages students, staff and parents, with compassion, challenge, fulfillment and commitment as guiding values.

Through a rigorous process of continuous improvement, we ensure that our future will be as bright as our past.

In 2017 we are celebrating 140 years of Tintern. Enjoy our video marking this special milestone.

Pastoral Care for your Child

Our unique and integrated Pastoral Program offers activities that help our students become confident and resilient young adults through self-understanding, developing interpersonal skills, problem solving, decision-making, and more.

We also promote traditional values like good manners, respect for others, self-belief and pride in personal presentation.

Families are kept up-to-date with their child’s development and progress through newsletters, our parent portal, parent-teacher interviews and the fostering of a close partnership between Tintern and the family.

A vibrant place to be

Tintern works in partnership with families to make our community lively and engaging – not only for students, but for the whole family. Parent groups, such as Friends of Music, Friends of Equestrian, Friends of Young Farmers, and the Tintern Parents’ Association work in conjunction with Tintern to support the students.

More information about these groups can be found on the MyTintern parent portal. Alternatively, please contact our Community Relations office on 9845 7877 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.


Tintern Grammar caters for students from ELC to Year 12. We aim to provide students with educational and cultural experiences to encourage enquiring minds and lifelong learning, and are committed to providing a workplace which encourages professional growth and opportunities for all staff.

If you think you have what it takes to work in a comfortable, well-rounded school environment, then contact Human Resources, or follow the links below to apply for specific jobs.

Tintern Grammar is a Child Safe School. All non-teaching applicants must provide a current Working With Children Check card prior to commencing employment at Tintern Grammar. All teachers must have Victorian Institute of Teaching registration incorporating a criminal record check prior to commencement. 

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School Management

Tintern Grammar is one of Australia’s oldest and foremost independent schools. We continue to provide educational and cultural experiences that facilitate opportunities to develop an enquiring mind, to find purpose and enjoyment in learning, to value and appreciate excellence in all things, and to develop personal and professional skills for life.

To this end, the school has a number of formalised structures and committees in place to ensure that Tintern Grammar remains at the forefront of education provision not only within Australia, but globally.

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