Reporting and Policies

School Policies

Tintern Grammar policies and procedures are designed to reflect the values, ethos and tradition of Tintern Grammar and to give effect to the Tintern Grammar Aim. Tintern Grammar policies are based upon accepted, well-defined norms and standards that define, promote and support outstanding educational, social and organisational practice. Such policies and procedures establish expectations, promote consistency in action, and provide commonly understood guidelines for all. They allow for comparisons to be made, performance to be monitored, improvements to be made and excellence to be judged.

Tintern Grammar procedures delineate the processes and activities necessary to implement policies. Procedures are based on commonly accepted sound educational and organisational practice, community expectations and professional standards.

Our policies regarding child safety can be found below. All of our current policies are available for staff, students and families via Tintern’s MyPortal. Alternatively, please contact to request PDF copies.

Child Protection Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – Parents, Guardians and Volunteers Policy