House and Grounds Committee

The House and Grounds Committee consists of representatives from the Board, the Tintern Grammar Executive, and parents. Its role comprises consideration of building refurbishments, grounds maintenance and future building developments.

 House and Grounds Committee Members

  • Peter Reidy, Chair and Board Member
  • Jessica Davies, Board Member

Ex-Officio Members

  • Greg Hoxley, Board Member
  • John Capper, Board Member

Nominated Independent Members

  • Malcolm Spears, Nominated Independent Member
  • Louis Nottle, Nominated Independent Member
  • Andrew Wilcox, Nominated Independent Member 

Administration and Observers

  • Bradley Fry, Principal
  • Geoff Connor, Vice Principal – Senior College, Administration and Students
  • Damien Horman, Business Manager and Company Secretary
  • Graham Lea, Property Manager