Tintern Grammar Executive

The Tintern Grammar Executive (TGE) is responsible for the development of educational policies and practices within the school at a daily operational level. The Principal, with the TGE, is also responsible for the implementation of decisions of the school’s board, and for all activities associated with the internal management of all campuses.

Executive members

  • Bradley Fry, Principal
  • Geoff Connor, Vice Principal – Senior College, Administration and Students
  • Jason McManus, Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning
  • Adam Kenny, Head of Boys’ Junior School and Boys’ Education
  • Anna Riddell, Head of Girls’ Junior School and Early Learning Centre
  • Oriana Constable, Head of Girls’ Middle School and Girls’ Education 
  • Brett Trollope, Head of Boys’ Middle School
  • Damien Horman, Business Manager
  • Marion Cape, Director of Admissions and Marketing