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Welcome to the world that is Tintern Grammar.

Early Learning Centre

Just as taking the first footsteps are an exciting stage in a child’s growth and development, the start of formalised learning is an equally momentous time.

Tintern Grammar’s Early Learning Centre has been recognised for its innovative programs and leading edge facilities. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has rated Tintern Grammar Early Learning Centre as ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ in all seven areas of assessment.

We believe in developing positive and meaningful relationships with the children in our care, fostering a sense of belonging for the children and their families.

Through these nurturing relationships, children feel safe, secure and supported in our Early Leaning Centre. This is important during the transition period towards formalised learning.

Our highly qualified, caring staff and wonderful semi-rural environment set Tintern Grammar’s Early Learning Centre apart.

The Centre features a combination of carefully designed play centres, with both indoor and outdoor areas. We ensure that the children in our care are exposed to both man made and natural resource and provided with time and space to explore their learning environment. Children begin the exciting process of learning through play-based activities and interaction with classmates.

Our children are active participants in their learning and our program has been formulated to enhance a child’s natural curiosity, and develop a sense of wonder through imaginative, free and structured play opportunities. Our programs are developed in such a way that the children are confident, creative and capable learners.

We value the intentional teaching that is provided by our specialist programs. Through these programs the children develop and are exposed to skills across a wide range of disciplines specifically related to the programs on offer: Music, Perceptual Motor Program (PMP), Library and Fundamental Motor Skills program.

We help build literary skills with the respected ‘Letterland’ program, which gives children an exciting introduction to letters and words. At the same time, a range of activities encourages students to discover and explore the world of numbers.

The School’s semi-rural surroundings are enhanced by ‘Tinternwood’, a fully-equipped, working farm, set in the midst of our campus. We place an emphasis on sustainability, the world around us and our impact on it. We support his though our Tinternwood farm and within our daily practice in the centre.

We are nestled in a school setting which supports the children’s sense of belonging to the wider Tintern community. This supports their smooth transition to their formal education.

As our young students reach the end of their Four-Year-old Pre-Prep program they have been given the necessary skills, and educational grounding to enable the to enter our Junior School with confidence.

The children at Tintern Grammar are becoming informed citizens of the world developing lifelong skills to support them into the future.

The children experience “Excellence and Confidence”, supported by the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework, the School Compass, Mission, Vision, Guiding aims and the School Motto “Deeds not Words”.

You can be assured your child’s educational journey will get off to a great start at Tintern Grammar’s Early Learning Centre.

ELC Pre-Prep Rotational Program.