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Welcome to the world that is Tintern Grammar.

Early Learning Centre

Tintern Grammar Early Learning Centre caters for children from ages three to five, who are encouraged to explore, create and develop both socially and academically as they start out on their educational journey.

Junior School

When your child starts to explore the world in their junior years, they need to be in an environment where the sky’s the limit – where they are valued and encouraged to reach their potential.

Middle School

As your child grows and develops, both physically and intellectually, testing their own limits and those of the world around them plays a vital part in shaping their future.

Senior School

The final school years are a time for students to make important decisions about individual strengths, interests, study and career options, as they prepare to venture into the adult world.

A Welcome From the Principal.

Bradley Fry Principal – Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Tintern Grammar. It is an honour to have been appointed as the tenth Principal of this wonderful school. Tintern Grammar combines its significant heritage with modern thinking and has lofty aspirations for our young women and men. Our community spans over 140 years, is genuinely open entry and welcomes both boys and girls onto our co-educational campus. Our environment is vibrant, dynamic and student-centred. We utilise our world-leading Parallel Education model to support the growth of our students through a mixture of single-sex and co-educational classroom experiences.

Tintern Grammar’s school buildings and sporting facilities are set amongst 44 acres of landscaped gardens and natural bushland. “Tinternwood”, an on-site sheep farm, offers a truly unique education experience.


Our varied co-curricular program provides many advanced opportunities for students develop a variety of skills and help them find their passion. From sports to performing arts, from debating to music and across a range of academic extension programs, each student is challenged to become an active part of the school community.

Our Horizons Program aims to identify students with high intellectual potential, and to enhance their learning experience by offering them a range of extension and enrichment activities that extend beyond the classroom. These include things like quizzes, tournaments and games of strategy that are designed to challenge the way they think.



Our commitment to smaller classes, Parallel Learning and a diverse range of pathways has seen Tintern’s students continue to shine right across the board.