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Our Parallel Learning program ensures boys and girls at Tintern Grammar make a smooth transition from Kinder or Pre-Prep, to formalised studies. Our single-gender classes in Junior School provide a great start to both academic life, and social development.

Boys’ Junior School

Boys at Tintern Grammar are able to receive the unique benefit of learning in tailored, gender-specific classrooms, while still taking part in planned activities with girls, within the School’s grounds.

Our approach to a boy’s education celebrates engagement, interaction and physicality. The Junior School’s curriculum and specialist classes are taught in an environment featuring ‘hands-on’ learning, balanced with method and content.

At Tintern Grammar, we recognise the importance of an integrated approach to literacy. This begins by giving our students a solid grounding in phonics. The use of universally recognised programs such as Letterland, and the Spalding Method, gives our boys strong foundations in spelling, reading and writing, to fully equip them for the demands of learning, now and in the years ahead. We know growing boys are ‘full of beans’ and each morning our students take part in ‘Energy Plus’. These supervised activities call for movement and energy, and prepare active young boys to focus fully, engage with, and get the most from their classroom studies.

Belonging, friendships and role-modelling are essential for boys, and we help our students understand how to sustain strong, respectful relationships with their fellow students, friends and the community. We allow our boys to thrive in a culture that fully appreciates their vibrancy, enthusiasm and curiosity. Upper primary boys take part in programs designed specifically to help them develop the important attributes of self-confidence, self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-respect. Together with recognising the importance of boundaries, and learning to use their intuition, the formation of these attributes is vital, as boys grow and mature. Risk-taking, success and failure teach boys vital life-lessons too. We nurture their emotional maturity, in an environment where boys are able to feel safe, valued and respected.

At Tintern Grammar, we understand boys. From core subjects such as English, Science and Maths, through to Sport, Music and studies in the Arts, we help them celebrate and enjoy learning.

We nurture, mentor and care for our boys; allowing them to flourish, grow and excel as they continue on their pathway to manhood.

Girls’ Junior School

Our girls receive the unique benefit of learning in tailored, gender-specific classrooms, while still taking part in planned activities with boys, within the School’s grounds.

Girls’ education is a specialised field, with emphasis placed on method and content. Our classes and curriculum have been carefully structured to fully cater to the specific needs and strengths of our young girls. We provide numerous opportunities for them to participate, build confidence, influence and lead. In a warm, caring, supportive environment, our students are encouraged to engage in, and to take risks. Testing boundaries and inquisitiveness are important aspects of leadership. Development of these skills helps to prepare our girls for future success, in a variety of careers. With specialist classes in French, Art, PE, Library and Music, life for Junior School girls is exciting, engaging and fun.

Students are given every opportunity to further their talents and sharpen abilities in a broad range of activities. These include community awareness programs, where we seek to develop the whole individual, and help to engender a genuine passion for social justice. We also encourage a strong commitment to community, and prepare our girls to become global citizens by offering them opportunities to engage with other cultures. We introduce our girls to strong female role models, many of whom are our own alumni.

At upper Junior level, we offer support and advice as girls encounter pre-adolescence. We run specific programs, ‘MPower’ and ‘Family Life’ to assist them with their personal development. We give our girls the support, advice and care they need to help them accept and become comfortable with their own growth and development, and the ability to challenge themselves as they begin the transition from girls, to young women.

We understand the importance of communication with home and parents, and we seek to form a partnership in every girl’s education. We do this by providing regular contact between parents and teaching staff, to help monitor and further every child’s progress.

At Tintern Grammar, we have been helping girls to become strong, successful women for over 140 years and are proud our current Junior School girls continue to uphold this tradition.


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