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Pastoral Care in the Middle Years

The Middle Years is a time of huge physical, psychological and emotional change as our young people begin to move through puberty and towards adulthood.

During this phase, the way students interact with family, friends and peers can change dramatically and can often be the cause of frustration for both them and their parents.

At Tintern Grammar, we understand the complexity this stage of life provides and how school can add to the challenges they are facing. Through adolescence, students move from concrete to abstract thinking, as well as moving towards more rational decision-making and a better understanding of the consequences of behaviour. We are committed to engaging and supporting our Middle Years’ students in ways that inspire them to be passionate and successful in their learning outcomes. What we recognise during this stage of development, is that there are significant differences between boys and girls and how they both deal with, and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Pastoral Program

The journey with us through the Middle Years starts with the transition program into Year 7. In the year prior, our incoming students are provided with three transition days that guide them through life in the Middle School, expectations in the classroom, and the opportunity to meet and connect with other students prior to beginning their journey. Our Pastoral Program throughout Years 7 – 9 is structured in a gender-based, age-and-stage way, to ensure we are best meeting the developmental requirements of our students. The program covers major social, emotional and developmental concepts, whilst also providing many opportunities for our students to connect and engage with our school.

Pastoral Mentors

It is a collective responsibility to help navigate this generation through their adolescent years and the partnership between school and family is therefore extremely important. At Tintern Grammar, we provide Pastoral Mentors who meet and greet their students each day, provide the care and consideration they need and provide that consistent connection between parents and the School. Overseeing this is a Year Level Co-ordinator who helps to develop and facilitate appropriate programs, both academically and developmentally. Together, our collective aim is to provide our students with the guidance and care they need to become valued members of our community in the future.