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Parallel Learning

The perfect balance between academic and social development.

Tintern Grammar encompasses the parallel learning model, which sees students educated in both co-educational and single gender settings according to their age and stage.

Our younger students learn in separate gender classes at an age when gender tends to play a greater role in influencing learning styles. This allows us to tailor our teaching methods to create optimal learning and pastoral environments to support each child. Our students feel more confident to take risks, be academically courageous and challenge themselves in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Students are introduced into co-educational classes when social development is an important part of their growth and maturation with the move to more inquiry based and independent learning, as they prepare for future study and work pathways.

Providing both single gender and mixed classes on a co-educational campus gives families the perfect balance between the academic and social development of their children and supports the development of young women and men of strong character who seek excellence and strive with confidence and purpose to create a better world.

Our Results

Tintern Grammar’s academic results suggest the model is working for our students. In 2020, 18% of our Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR in the top 5% in Australia, 35% in the top 10% and 47% in the top 15%. The School’s median ATAR was 81.33. For further information about our results, please view our 2020 Year 12 results booklet below.

These results are very positive; however equally important is the feedback received from students and families.

Every year our Principal invites our Year 12 students to lunch shortly before they commence their end-of-year examinations. Invariably they remark on how positive the learning environment was for them during Middle School and how it fostered their confidence.

Our Year 12 students invariably reflect on the importance of coming together in Year 10, as being the best time (before VCE commences) and that they feel ‘well set up for the real world’ as a result.

Parallel Learning is an effective and exciting education model that enables the vast majority of proven growth factors associated with both a single-gender, and co-educational approach. The confidence and achievements attained by our students as they move into life beyond our gates is proof that our model works.

VCE Results 2020