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Welcome to the world that is Tintern Grammar.

International Enrolments

Tintern Grammar welcomes and invites applications from International students throughout the world.

We offer both VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), VET (Vocational Education and Training) and IB (International Baccalaureate) at Tintern Grammar to assist our students with their subject choices and pathway beyond School. Learn more about these study pathways.

Our academic results are among the best in the region with many of our students continuing their tertiary studies in Medicine and Health, Management and Commerce, Science and Engineering as well Arts, Agriculture, Education, IT and Architecture.

In 2018, 29% of our Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 95 and above. 40% of our students achieved an ATAR of 90 and above. Over half of our students achieved an ATAR over 80. The School’s median ATAR is 80.58. Our International Dux Maria Ruan achieved an ATAR of 97.80. Learn more about Maria’s time at Tintern in her Year 12 profileView our 2018 Year 12 results booklet for more information

Our campus is located within 40 acres of treed, landscaped grounds, with extensive playing fields, a gymnasium, swimming pool and even our own farm. We pride ourselves on our exceptional staff, our curricular and co-curricular offerings, and our commitment to community and belonging. Take a campus tour

Our vision is to provide a learning environment that values relationships within our community, inspires wonder, independence and engagement with learning and allows each child to achieve their personal and academic best in preparation for life in a global world. 

Tintern encompasses the parallel learning model, which sees students educated in both co-educational and single gender settings according to their age and stage. Learn more about parallel learning.

Entry Requirements

We welcome all International enquiries, please note our following requirements:

Tintern Grammar will offer places only if International students have gained an acceptable level of proficiency in English, for the year level requested.

This is determined by a test conducted by the Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS), and an interview with the School (supporting evidence may also progress the enrolment).

For application requirements please see the table below.

Tintern Grammar accepts International students from Prep to Year 12, however International Students enrolling from Prep to Year 8 are required to be accompanied and live with one, or both parents under a Guardian Visa. This condition is not negotiable.

Our preferred level of entry to senior years is Year 9, or Year 10. We sometimes accept students directly into Year 11, however this is subject to sufficient English skills to cope with the curriculum and academic results to support Year 11 entry.

Similarly, students entering the School who have already commenced an International Baccalaureate, must satisfy Tintern Grammar they are capable of continuing the rigorous IB program in English, without disruption to their studies. 

We will only consider applications after receiving original school report documents, a copy of the student’s current passport and evidence of a satisfactory knowledge of English (see above).

A copy of a report from Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) should be provided with the student’s application form.

Every student applying for enrolment at Tintern Grammar will be interviewed. Places are offered subject to the result of the interview, sufficient English for year level study and suitable academic reports or transcripts.

Importantly, an applicant’s attitude, behaviour, willingness to learn and participate in school activities will also be considered. 

Year Level of EntryMinimum Application ScoreSuggested Language StudiesScore required to achieve prior to commencement
ELC-Year 1No AEAS RequiredPrivate language tuitionPrivate language tuition required outside of school hours
Year 2-3No AEAS RequiredMinimum – 1 TermLanguage School required prior to commencement
Year 4-626 or Higher6-12 Weeks Language46 or higher
Year 7-845 or Higher8-12 Weeks Language50 or higher
Year 960 or Higher8-12 Weeks Language65 or higher
Year 1065 or Higher8-12 Weeks Language70 or higher
Year 1175 or Higher4-8 Weeks Language80 or higher

Support for Accommodation and Welfare of International Students

International students who study at Tintern Grammar are provided with a comprehensive support network to ensure they are successful in their studies, feel at home in a new environment, make friends and make the most of all the opportunities available to them at Tintern Grammar.

Our Support Network

International Student Coordinator

The International Student Coordinator (ISC) provides support for the welfare and wellbeing of all international students at Tintern Grammar. The ISC has excellent cross-cultural communications skills to help international students make a smooth adjustment to their new environment and provides new student orientation as well as one-on-one consultation.

The ISC works closely with students, families, homestay providers and caregiving support personnel to ensure all appropriate support services are in place and the student’s academic performance is progressing.

Tintern also offers further support for International students including Chinese Homework Club, English as and Additional Language (EAL) support and Maths Homework Club.

The ISC works together with the comprehensive Tintern Pastoral staff network, including Heads of Colleges, Year Level Coordinators, Pastoral Mentors, subject teachers, Head of Learning Enhancement, Director of Studies, Head of Careers, IB and VCE Coordinator, Director of Student Welfare Services and the Chaplain, to ensure our International students thrive at Tintern Grammar.

Support and Care

An international full fee student can live with a parent living in Australia on a Guardian visa. If this is not possible, parents can nominate a genuine close, blood relative over the age of 25 living in Australia who is approved by Department of Home Affairs to care for the student.

A student who is not living with their parent/s is required to have an approved arrangement with Tintern Grammar in relation to matters including accommodation and caregiving support for the duration of their study at Tintern Grammar, regardless of age. The School will issue a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare form (CAAW) in this case.

In the absence of a parent or close family relative, all International Students are required to engage our approved agencies that will assist with Homestay and Student Support Services. The Principal or his delegate is responsible for the student’s accommodation, support and general welfare. This requirement is non-negotiable and the families must engage with these agencies and ensure that arrangements are in place prior to commencement.


Homestay accommodation is required for all international students who are unaccompanied by a parent or an approved close relative as per Tintern Grammar Terms and Conditions of enrolment.

Tintern Grammar will not consider homestay and caregiving arrangements for a student under the age of 14 (Year 9).

Homestay families are carefully selected and approved by the International Student Coordinator and are located within a short distance to the School or with access to convenient transport.

Many international students find their homestay experience rewarding and a valuable way to experience Australian culture and way of life and many remain in contact with their homestay families after they leave school.

The School has arrangements in place with the following homestay agencies:

CETA Worldwide Education

7 Madeleine Street, Doncaster East 3108, Vic.

Phone: +61 423 417 527



Australian Homestay Network

PO Box 109, Watsonia 3087, Vic.

Phone: +61 3 9435 6621

Fax: +61 3 9435 4078


Student support

The School also partners with Overseas Student Alliance (ISA) and Melbourne Migration & Education Center Pty Ltd (MMEC) to provide support services to overseas students at Tintern Grammar. This includes a bi-lingual local support carer to each student. The role of the local support carer is to provide local orientation to the student on arrival and assist in the preparation of commencement at the School.

Ongoing practical support and guidance for the student is also provided as well as regular communication with the student’s family. The support carer will provide support including, arranging medical appointments, ensuring the student is participating fully in the School’s academic and co-curricular programs, notifying the School of any absences, attending School functions including parent/teacher interviews and meetings with School staff.

In addition, the local support carer communicates regularly with parents on the student’s academic progress, ensuring reports are translated and are available to discuss any area of their child/s welfare.

The School has arrangements in place with the following student support services:

International Student Alliance

(ISA Guardian & Welfare Services)

Suite 20/Level 1 – 108 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Phone: +61 (0)3 9663 2887



Melbourne Students Services Centre

Suite 602, 2 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000, Vic

Phone: +61 3 96209918



Overseas Students Policies and Procedures

Tintern Grammar takes the care and responsibility of our students’ welfare extremely seriously and we believe that every student has the right to receive the best possible education whilst in a safe and nurturing environment. Policies and procedures to assist this commitment are below:

Preferred Agent Representatives

Tintern Grammar has preferred agents providing services for overseas students.

For full list of agents in Melbourne, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam please click here.

Further Information

Tintern Grammar is bound by the National Code of Practice of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2019 (2018 National Code) and the VRQA Guidelines under the registration on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to protect Overseas students.

The laws regulating international education in Victoria are:

  • Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Commonwealth)
  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Victorian)
  • National Code of Practice for Providers of Education And Training to Overseas Students 2018