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School Camps & Global Connection

School camps are designed to provide Tintern Grammar students with a wide range of learning opportunities.

School Camps

Outdoor experiences give our students an ideal environment where they can develop social skills, strengthen established friendships and forge new relationships. Tintern Grammar school camps are structured to provide personal growth programs starting in Year 3, and progressing through to Year 12. We carefully plan a range of fun and challenging activities to involve all students in team cooperation and team building, through orienteering and adventure activities such as high rope courses, flying fox, as well as water-based adventures. The vital task of preparing meals also gives our students a lesson in the importance of teamwork, culinary skills and appreciation of life at home. Importantly, these camps offer students personal challenges that allow them to develop essential life skills, such as resilience, leadership, courage and independence. The outdoor program also enhances a sense of enquiry and cements in young minds a strong connection to the physical world, as well as respect and concern for the environment.

Tintern Grammar’s International Programs offer our students the World!

International Programs

Those who take part in these programs are able to gain global insights and develop important overseas connections and contacts. Students develop an understanding of different cultures and the need to be culturally sensitive, in a diverse, globalised world. Away from their comfort zone with its established family and society structures, students are able to grow and develop self-reliance. They gain and deepen language skills, discover an awareness of international trends and political issues and experience being true global citizens. Our students make new friendships, visit exciting places and return with memories of their international journeys they’ll cherish for life. Overseas destinations include China, Vietnam, India and the French exchange.

All of our Outdoor Programs and International Tour opportunities are escorted by qualified Tintern Grammar staff.