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Senior College

Our Senior College students return to co-educational classes in Years 10 – 12, learn about the benefits of Parallel Learning from our parents and students. 

Here, in an environment specially designed to resemble a small university campus, girls and boys from Year 10 move into a co-educational setting, as they start their studies for VCE and VCE/VET.

The Senior College encapsulates Tintern Grammar’s philosophy: to not only deliver the highest standard of academic tuition, but provide an environment which will help to fully develop and enrich the lives of our students.

We understand too, how important it is for students to be calm, relaxed and confident during these vital years, so we have endeavoured to make their surroundings pleasant and comfortable.

The Senior College contains communal space where students can gather to talk and relax informally, while incorporating shared work spaces and dedicated areas set aside for silent study.

Students have access to photocopiers and there’s a kitchen too, which is handy for tea, coffee and snacks.

Members of the College’s teaching staff and our Careers Counsellor have offices in the building, and are easily accessible for discussion or to meet with students.

By studying together, our Senior College students develop a sense of common purpose. This encourages mutual care, support and encouragement.

Importantly, the centralised location allows the School to offer pastoral care and focus on student wellbeing.

Tintern Grammar’s Senior College equips students with the best possible preparation for tertiary and further study; as well as life beyond school.

Click here to view the Senior College Course Subject Guide (Years 10-12)

The path of each student is unique, at Tintern we provide choice and balance with numerous subject offerings, along with our VCE and VCE/VET program options.


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