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Performing Arts & Drama

The vital role played by drama study in a child’s development and education is well known, and our Drama department is an established and integral part of school life.

Our aim is to fully develop a student’s talents and skills, by encouraging each child to take part in the preparation and performance of School productions.

Visits to theatres, and the study and analysis of theatrical productions helps students to develop enjoyment and appreciation of the Dramatic Arts.

Drama also teaches important life lessons: participation in a play demonstrates the value of teamwork, helps to develop leadership skills, and shows the importance of working as part of a group, not only supporting but relying on the support of others.

Drama studies also provide a stage for more subtle strengths to emerge. These include physical and verbal communication skills, spatial awareness, the use of gesture, movement, voice, diction and language.

Being on stage in front of an audience helps to teach students important lessons in self-confidence, as well as helping them to become comfortable with public speaking.

Students are encouraged to contribute backstage, through involvement with set and costume design.

All these aspects of drama production give students opportunities for their creativity to flourish, and allow their imagination to take flight.

Our annual production is held at the Karralyka Theatre and is an eagerly awaited highlight for the School community.