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The Twilight Concert is an event held each year where all students who learn to play an instrument or sing can perform a piece that they are currently working on to a friendly audience. The Twilight Concert is a great opportunity for students to show off their musical talent through their performance or even just to entertain and have lots of fun!

This year’s Twilight Concert featured works presented in various styles, which made for a program with great variety. The students were fortunate to be accompanied by our talented team of teachers; Ms McKenzie, Mrs Bezaire and Mr Taylor. We thank them for their work on the evening and in the lead up to the concert.

The music heard during the Twilight Concert was exquisite, and all the performers were well deserving of their audience’s applause. This concert was definitely an experience I would recommend to our Tintern Community.

by Aaron Zhou, Instrumental Captain 2019, Year 12