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Last Wednesday, the school had one of the most exciting events of the year—the Annual House Music Festival. The five houses represented themselves in spectacularly colourful fashion. This year’s theme was Disney music. Each House had to sing a set song, Circle of Life from “The Lion King”. Then they could choose their own choice song to finish off their round and there was a great variety of music. The students also enjoyed the traditional karaoke at the end before the announcement of the winner. Everybody was pumped with energy and all sang along to the tracks. Once the judges had reached their final decision, the winning house for 2018 was Dann-Watt House. The trophy was handed to the two House Captains by Mr Fry and the judges. All Houses did a fantastic job in both singing and arranging music instrumentally. We would like to thank all of the House Captains and the students for the huge amount of work preparing for this event. We would also like to thank the teachers for their support and especially thank the judges on the day, Miss Catie Spears, Mrs Jenni Campbell and Mr Dave Bathgate.

by Steven Zhang, School Pianist 2018