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The Prep girls have been enjoying their exploration of a series of mini STEAM challenges including – ‘How Long can a Paper plate snake be?’ and building Magnificent Marble Mazes with unifix cubes or Duplo. Making paper plate snakes was fun and for some, quite challenging to keep their scissors under control with so many twists and turns. When the two teams made their marble mazes, the girls used wind power (by blowing through a straw) to test whether their marble could make it through their maze design.

Prep STEAM challenges have been both individual and team based with much testing, negotiating and trialling of their ideas this year. Some of the girls found it very challenging when the teams swapped to explore the other group’s marble maze. Their brief was to see how they could improve on the original design. Working through a series of steps to test, suggest, add, trial and appreciate each other’s marble maze worked well and good discussion and many thoughtful suggestions were made by the Prep girls!

by Christine Campbell, Girls’ Prep Teacher