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Often people label themselves as not being a ‘maths person’ and develop a fixed mindset towards maths. In Year 5 at Tintern Grammar we know that this is not the case!

As part of our Maths Pathway program, we have started the year off discussing what we like to hear (and not like hearing) when working in maths groups. Phrases that we agreed that we liked hearing were ‘You’re doing great!’, ‘I liked how you showed your working out’ or ‘You did really well to solve that tricky problem”. We found that phrases like these encouraged taking more academic risks and made us feel more comfortable to share our ideas and answers with our peers.

To develop a growth mindset towards mathematics. We have been discussing:

  • Everyone can learn maths – there is no such thing as a ‘maths brain’
  • ‘Mistakes are GOOD and they help me learn!’
  • The strategies and actions that we take, can help us develop and improve
  • The importance of ‘I can’t do it… yet!’

As part of our Maths program, we work on modules that cater to each student’s needs and work in small groups called ‘mini-lessons’ as well as working in groups as part of our rich learning tasks. These rich learning tasks have been a highlight for our Year 5 class, igniting curiosity through hands-on investigations where students use their skills and knowledge to problem solve. Mathematical knowledge and skills have been put to use as well as developing problem-solving and group-work skills.

Students work in groups, discuss growth mindsets to maths, how to create a positive and safe space during group work as well as working together to solve problems in our rich learning tasks.

Sandy Batty | Year 5 Teacher