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During the school holidays, Ella and I travelled to China as ambassadors for Pony Club Australia. We stayed in Wuhan, China with a team of eight other Australians. Billeted out in pairs, we stayed with one Chinese family for 4 nights and the other family for 5 nights. Every day we visited the ihorse centre, where we would sometimes ride the horses or play games and some days we would give lessons to the Chinese host children. We had a lot of fun teaching the Chinese students. When we were not riding, we went to historic Chinese sites and learnt about Chinese history and culture. A few of the places we visited were the Yellow Crane Tower, the Yangtze River, Hubei Province Museum, various temples and we watched two plays and music pieces. We also attended a calligraphy class and attempted to write the word horse in Chinese. We were very fortunate to have warm and welcoming families who took us to amazing restaurants and shops after these activities.

Ella and I were very lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel to China to be ambassadors for PCA and to stay with lovely families and we can both say we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the experience immensely and we definitely made friends from different states across Australia and in China.

by Lilly Trevorrow, Year 9