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Today we received the IB results for our 2020 cohort, which were once again very strong. We are now able to aggregate the VCE and IB results to share a complete picture of the Class of 2020 results and celebrate the significant achievements of all of our VCE and IB students.

These results particularly reflect the hard work of our students, the critical contributions from their parents and are a testament to the excellent teaching provided here at Tintern Grammar. Below is a brief summary of our IB and aggregated results. We will release a more detailed analysis following university acceptances.

Tintern Grammar IB Dux and Overall Dux

Ashleigh Dowling ATAR 99.75

Tintern Grammar VCE Dux

Tara Carson ATAR 97.30

Tintern Grammar International Dux

Yunzhu (Freya) Fu, ATAR 94.35 (VCE student)

IB Results 2020:

  • Our IB cohort achieved a median IB score of 37 (2019 – 34).
  • Our IB cohort achieved a median ATAR of 95.45 (2019 – 91.40).
  • 4 students will receive an IB Award (6 in 2019).
ATAR Achieved % of students at this ranking or above
99+ 5% (2019 – 23)
98+ 19% (2019 – 27)
95+ 57% (2019 – 36)
90+ 71% (2019 – 59)


Aggregated VCE and IB Results for 2020:

  •  Median ATAR: 81.9 (2019 – 81.25)
  • 18% of Tintern students attained an ATAR of 95+ placing them in the top 5% of the nation.
  • 35% of Tintern students attained an ATAR of 90+ placing them in the top 10% of the nation.
  • 47% of Tintern students attained an ATAR of 85+ placing them in the top 15% of the nation.
ATAR Achieved % of students at this ranking or above
99+ 1%  (2019 – 6)
95+ 18% (2019 – 14)
90+ 34% (2019 – 28)
85+ 47% (2019 – 41)
80+ 51% (2019 – 53)

Click below to view a summary of our 2020 results.

VCE Results 2020

The School is enormously proud of the whole Year 12 cohort for 2020, and I am sure you will agree that all our students and the whole School community can be extremely proud of these results.

While once again these statistics certainly reflect the culture of academic excellence of the School, an education at Tintern Grammar is about much more than a number or a ranking. It is also, importantly, about the care and support of each individual child, as we guide them to develop good values and strong character, enabling them to achieve personal excellence, strive with confidence, and aspire to create a better world. Every child’s educational journey and career aspirations are unique and we look forward to learning more about the Class of 2020’s future endeavours in the years to come.

Bradley Fry