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We congratulate the Class of 2023 for their very strong VCE results. We are proud of our students’ achievements, which particularly reflect the hard work of our cohort, the excellent teaching and care provided at Tintern Grammar, and the support of families and our broader community. This year’s results are all the more pleasing, in light of the challenges of the pandemic this cohort faced in Year 9 and Year 10. It is clear those experiences brought to the fore the development of maturity and resilience in this group of students.

Congratulations to our VCE Dux Max Lalor who achieved an ATAR of 99.60, and to our International Dux Junya (Helen) Tan who achieved 93.95.


The Class of 2023’s dedication and efforts, supported by Tintern’s remarkable teaching staff, and support from our community, are apparent with an improvement in all results from 2022, placing them among the top students in Australia.

ATAR score of 99 and above 4%

ATAR score of 98 and above 9%

ATAR score of 95 and above 22%

ATAR score of 90 and above 33%


We have seen significant growth in our Median ATAR of 85.3, up from 80.9 in 2022 and 77.9 in 2021.

Our median study score has risen to 33 up from 32 in 2022 and 30 in 2021.


Two perfect study scores (50) were achieved; one in General Mathematics by Year 11 student Jerrod Zha and one in Art Creative Practice by Ava Caldwell. Study scores at or above 40 were 62 an increase from 38 in 2022.


While we proudly celebrate the wonderful results of our students, these numerical results only provide us with a snapshot of our students’ educational journey and growth. Our Class of 2023 cohort is full of stories of personal success, development of character and capability, and of achieving beyond expectations. These graduates of Tintern Grammar will now embark on their future full of opportunity, as change makers and custodians of our future.

On behalf of the Tintern Community we congratulate our VCE students and celebrate with them today.


Bradley Fry | Principal


2023 VCE Results