Advanced Opportunities

Our varied co-curricular program provides many advanced opportunities for students develop a variety of skills and help them find their passion.

From sports to performing arts, from debating to music and across a range of academic extension programs, each student is challenged to become an active part of the school community.

Our Horizons Program aims to identify students with high intellectual potential, and to enhance their learning experience by offering them a range of extension and enrichment activities that extend beyond the classroom.

These include things like quizzes, tournaments and games of strategy that are designed to challenge the way they think.


Our broad sporting program and wide range of high-quality, on-campus facilities help students form a healthy attitude towards physical activity and a positive self-image.

Sporting opportunities include House sports, where students compete in major carnivals throughout the year, Inter-school sport, where secondary students participate beyond school boundaries through our association with Eastern Independent Schools Melbourne, and Senior sport/recreation where Senior College students can choose between Inter-School Sports or Senior Recreation.

All our competitive sport is timetabled into the school week, which allows students more time to spend with family and friends and to be involved in other sporting and social activities on weekends.


All art staff members at Tintern  are trained artists, who pride themselves on assisting our students in developing creative ways of artistically expressing themselves.

As well as exploring the latest technologies and inspirations in contemporary and traditional art, we also offer unique courses in textiles, 3D construction, photography, printmaking, graphics and art exploration.

We also have world-famous artists regularly visiting the school to make exciting and challenging presentations to our students.

“The most courageous act is to think for yourself, aloud…”



For Tintern’s budding actors, there is an exciting mix of classroom activities, informal workshops and formal productions where students can develop important life skills through learning clear-speaking, role-playing, stagecraft and team building.

Highlights of our drama activities include Junior School productions, school musicals, Senior School drama productions and an always exciting, annual Year 9 and 10 production.


Today’s students live in a fast moving technological world that is continually changing how we communicate, learn and share information.

At Tintern we help our Prep – Year 9 students stay up-to-date through an iPad program that keeps our curriculum flexible and caters to the individual needs of each student.

In our Senior College, all students have a computer available and our WiFi network lets them access course materials through their preferred devices (Smartphone, tablet, PC and or laptops).

We also have a range of online resources through ‘MyTintern’, which includes areas for students and teachers to interact and for parents to monitor assignment and homework deadlines.


At Tintern, we encourage all students to participate in music, whatever their ability, and if a student displays enthusiasm and interest, we make sure they become included in an ensemble.

And through Tintern’s own musical productions, students can contribute meaningfully to a group endeavour that provides them with enormous rewards on social, creative and musical levels.

Tinternwood Farm

Located onsite, Tinternwood Farm is a working farm that provides unique educational opportunities for our students, by allowing them to grow vegetables and interact with farm animals.

Junior School students regularly visit the farm as a part of their curriculum and Year 7 students enjoy a semester of agricultural studies. Year 10 students have the opportunity to choose an agricultural elective.

Years 7 – 12 are invited to join the Young Farmers Program to discover more about agriculture and the wide range of potential career opportunities it presents.