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100 Days of Learning Fun!

Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 girls were thrilled to be greeted by 100 helium balloons in the IJ Day corridor, upon their arrival for the 100 Days of School celebration this week. Each girl engaged in Maths activities grouping, their 100 collections into a variety of numerical arrangements. A range of fun, exciting multi-age activities incorporating STEAM investigations were enjoyed by all. However, the favourite activity of the day was the 100-year-old dress-up photo booth!

by Christine Campbell, Girls’ Prep Teacher, Colleen Yardley, Girls’ Year 1 Teacher and Mary Witcher, Girls’ Year 2 Teacher

100 Days of Prep!

Tuesday 31 July marked the Preps 100th Day of School. The boys really enjoyed the special activities we did and commented on remembering when we put the first brick on the wall! We also enjoyed some KitKats, which Luke brought for Show and Tell, as we were learning about Kicking King this week. Thanks Luke! Our gummy bear experiment concluded, with the water-logged gummy bears pretty much disintegrating, and their heads falling off, much to the delight of the boys!

by Claire MacDonald, Boys’ Prep Teacher