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Today we received the IB Diploma results for our 2021 cohort, which were once again extremely strong. We are now able to aggregate the VCE and IB results to share a complete picture of the Class of 2021 results and celebrate the very significant achievements of all of our VCE and IB students.

These results particularly reflect the hard work of our students, together with your critical contributions as parents, and are also a testament to the excellent teaching and support provided here at Tintern Grammar.

It is also important to reflect on the fact that the 2021 cohort completed their entire VCE or IB journey in the challenging, unstable, and very unsettling environment of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Their ability to navigate these very difficult two years has been very impressive, and the support of their teachers no doubt invaluable. While the experience will no doubt stand them in good stead in their futures, it cannot be denied that it has been extraordinarily difficult for many of our students, and challenging for all.

Below is a brief summary of our IB and aggregated results. We will release a more detailed analysis following university acceptances.

Tintern Grammar IB Duces and Overall Duces: Alec Chen, Sarah Chen, Joshua Choong and Holly Whitfield, ATAR 99.75

Tintern Grammar VCE Dux: Oliver Huang, ATAR 99.15

Tintern Grammar International Dux: Qingyue (Marlin) Ma, ATAR 98.65

IB Results 2021:

  • Top score of 44 (highest possible 45) was achieved by four students Alec Chen, Sarah Chen, Joshua Choong and Holly Whitfield (ATAR conversion of 99.75).
  • Our IB cohort achieved a median IB score of 38 (2020 – 37).
  • Our IB cohort achieved a median ATAR of 96.25 (2020 – 95.45).
  • 7 students will receive an IB Award (4 in 2020).


ATAR Achieved % of students at this ranking or above
99+ 19% (2020 – 5%)
98+ 33% (2020 – 19%)
95+ 67% (2020 – 57%)
90+ 86% (2020 – 76%)

Aggregated IB and VCE results for 2021:

ATAR Achieved % of students at this ranking or above
99+ 5% (2020 – 1%)
95+ 20% (2020 – 18%)
90+ 30% (2020 – 35%)
80+ 48% (2020 – 52%)


The School is enormously proud of the whole Year 12 cohort for 2021, and I am sure you will agree that all our students and the whole School community can be extremely proud of these results.

While once again these statistics certainly reflect the culture of academic excellence of the School, a Tintern education is about much more than a number or a ranking. It is also, importantly, about the care and support of each individual child, as we guide them to develop good values and strong character, enabling them to achieve personal excellence and aspire to create a better world. We look forward to learning more about the Class of 2021’s future endeavours in the years to come.

Brad Fry